The Klarälvsloppet app is intended for both participants and spectators. (Only available in Swedish at the moment)

As a participant, you can link your own smartphone to the app to show an exact GPS position during the race. Keep track of the head of the field and follow your favourites via your own lists, view maps and read other useful information. The app can be found on App Store and Google Play!

Klarälvsloppet app

Why should I use your app?

The Klarälvsloppet app is intended for both participants and spectators. As a participant, you can share your GPS position to make the race more exciting for your supporters. You can also keep track of your biggest rivals during the course of the race. As a spectator, it’s a convenient way to follow both your favourites and the elite competitors live and to keep up to date with current positions and end results. You will also find news, your start memo and can take a peek at the track profiles.

Can I see exactly where the people I am following are or is it based on intermediate times?

There are two versions. With participants who use their smartphone to share their GPS position, you will be able to see exactly where they are along the course. For participants not using their phone, you will get an approximate position based on when they have passed the timekeeping checkpoints. There is a little symbol to show if the participant is using GPS or not.

Can I compare a number of participants to see how my friends are doing in comparison to one another?

Yes! It is possible to add up to 15 favourites to follow and compare.

Can I view a results list in the app immediately after the finish?

Yes, the results will be published immediately.

Where can I download it and what does it cost?

If you have an iPhone, you can download it from the AppStore, and if you have an Android device, you can download it from Google Play. Search for “Klarälvsloppet”. It is totally free to use!

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